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What is eLonghornSales?  back to top

eLonghornSales is the nation’s online cattle marketplace, a unique approach to allow you to quickly market and sell your Longhorn cattle. It consists of an online site that allows sellers to place their Longhorns in front of a nationwide audience, and allows buyers and sellers to participate in an open trading platform where a broad market determines the value of the Longhorns that are sold.

This approach gives a seller the potential to quickly place his animals in front of a large audience, saving time, fuel, and other expenses associated with traditional cattle auctions. Buyers can shop from the comfort and convenience of their homes, view a large selection, and bid anonymously.

Here’s how eLonghornSales works:

  • A seller lists an item on eLonghornSales. The seller chooses to accept bids or to offer a “Buy It Now” price, which allows buyers to purchase the item immediately at a predetermined price.
  • The bidding opens when the item is listed, and remains open for 15 days or until someone selects the “Buy It Now” price, whichever is sooner. Buyers may bid at any time. When the listing ends, the buyer with the highest bid wins.
  • When the listing is ended, an email is automatically sent to the buyer and seller, providing each party’s name and contact information and advising them of the terms of the sale. This is the only time that identities are known. At this point, buyer and seller consummate the sale.

It’s really easy, and the eLonghornSales support staff can help you get started.

Setting Up an Account  back to top

Go to “Create Account” on the side menu. The member registration screen will appear. Fill in all fields. Note that fields marked with an asterisk are required. Be sure to select a password that you can remember and write it down and keep in a safe place.

Select “yes” under TLMA member if you are a current member of the TLMA. If you are not a current member, select “no”. If you would like to join the TLMA, you will be given the option at this point.

Please read the disclaimer and then select the box to accept the User Agreement. You will not be allowed to proceed if you do not.

After creating an account click “Save”. You will be taken to your new personal User home page where you will see your personal User name and bidder #. Your bidder # is anonymous and no one but you will know it. You are now a registered User and can list animals for sale and bid on animals consigned.

You may later edit any field except your email address and your membership status. Please contact if either of these fields requires editing.

How to Become a TLMA Member  back to top

Anyone can set up an account and use TLMA members receive discounted listing rates.

You may become a TLMA member by calling 512-556-0300 or you may email your information to You may also submit an application through the website:

You may also become a TLMA member when you create an account through When asked if you are a member, you will select no. An option will appear that will allow you to join the TLMA by completing the membership application on line and paying your membership fee by credit card.

After submitting the application and credit card payment, you will be taken back to the “Create an Account” screen. You will see that “Yes” is selected, indicating that you are a current member.

Once you have become a member, you will immediately receive the discounted member rates for eLonghornSales consignments as well as other membership benefits of the TLMA.

Logging In  back to top

Users may log in to their accounts at any time by going to the home page and clicking on the 'Login' button on the top of the side menu. You will then be asked to enter your email address and password. Click 'Submit'. You will be taken to your User home page.

If you lose your password, you may request that it be sent to you by clicking on the “Forgot your Password?” button on the login page.

Listing an Animal for Sale  back to top

Log in to your account and go to “List New Item”. This screen will acknowledge your email address and your own personal bidder #.

In the drop down box select the category in which you want to list an animal. This will open the rest of the screen to allow you to submit information on the animal you wish to sell. Complete all fields.

Animal location is the city and state where the animal is currently held.

You may select to “Auction” your animal, set a “Buy It Now” price, or both. If you choose to auction your animal, eLonghornSales will not sell a listed animal for less than $500. If you wish, you may protect your listing by entering a higher reserve amount. If you choose the “Buy It Now” option, enter the sales price, but do not select a reserve amount. If you choose both auction and “Buy It Now”, you may enter a reserve, but it must be less than the “Buy It Now” price. If you choose the “Buy It Now” option, the sales price you enter is the maximum that you will receive for your animal. Bidding will stop at that amount.

Enter a start date for your auction. Each animal listed is open for auction for 15 days and the bidding will end at 8:00 PM Central time on the 15th day or when the “Buy It Now” price is reached, whichever is sooner. If you are going to pay by credit card, your auction can begin immediately. For members who choose to be billed, auctions may begin the next business day. You may choose to delay the start date in order to give yourself time to promote your animal.

Click the “Browse” button to choose a good photo or photos on your computer. Photos should be good quality close-ups showing your animal at its best. When you click on the file, the link will be shown on the form and will upload automatically. Be sure that your photo does not exceed 1 MB in size.

After reviewing the screen for accuracy select “Submit”. You will then be asked to confirm your information. This is your last chance to review your info. If you wish to change anything, select “Edit”. You may then make any changes, and then select “Confirm” to accept them. When you are satisfied with your information, click “Continue”. The only fields that can be edited after you click “Continue” are the “Comments and Corrections” field and your “Reserve Amount”. Once you have submitted your listing for auction, “Buy It Now” or both, the listing type cannot be changed, so be careful in entering your information. Your “Buy It Now” price cannot be changed. After you click “Continue” you will be taken to the payment page.

Other Options for Listing an Animal  back to top

If you need help in listing an animal, please call the TLMA office during normal office hours at 512-556-0300. You can also email info or questions to

What are the Fees?  back to top

There are no fees required to bid or buy any item on

There is a fee required to sell an item on

  1. Non-TLMA Members are charged $99.00 to consign a cow or bull. Credit card payment is required.
  2. TLMA Members receive a discounted rate of only $59 each on cow and bull consignments, and may pay by credit card – or we can bill you later.

At times, eLonghornSales may offer special programs or discounts through the Texas Longhorn Journal. Click here for the latest promotions. You must select the “Bill Me” option to receive promotional pricing.

How to Pay Fees  back to top

If you are a TLMA member, your cost for listing an animal on the site is $59. You may pay by credit card or request to be billed. To take advantage of any special pricing, please select “Bill Me”.

If you are not a TLMA member your fee is $99 and you must pay by credit card.

If you select to pay by credit card, complete the credit card information. Type your card number without spaces or dashes. Enter your 3-digit security code from the back of your card. Select expiration month from the drop down box and type in the year of expiration. Type the name, as it appears on the card—then click “Submit”. If you pay by credit card, your auction animal will be active immediately upon acceptance of your card payment unless you have elected to delay your start date.

If you are a TLMA member and wish to be billed, select “Bill me” and “Submit”. Leave all other fields blank. If you choose to be billed, someone will contact you within one business day to activate your listing.

Completing the Sale of an Animal  back to top

You may watch the progress of the bidding on your listed animal within your account. Select “My Current Items”. Refresh your screen to view updates on bidding.

When your auction has expired, you will receive an email notifying you that your animal has or has not sold. This email will also contain contact information for the winning bidder. You should make contact with the buyer as soon as possible to complete the transaction and arrange for change of possession of the animal.

The seller is required to handle the paperwork and pay for the registration (or transfer of the registration) of the consignment, and to provide any health papers needed to transport the animal.

Bidding on an Animal  back to top

You must be logged in to bid on an animal. Select the category you wish to view from the side menu.

If you attempt to enter a bid without logging in, you will be taken to the Login Screen. After logging in, choose the category you wish to view. Select the animal you wish to bid on.

The time remaining on the listing, the current high bid, and the “Buy It Now” price will be shown on this screen. If you wish to place a bid, click “Bid Now” or “Buy It Now”. If you choose not to bid, you may click “Go Back to the Listing” to select another animal.

If you click “Bid Now” or “Buy It Now” you will be taken to the bid history page for the animal you selected. You will again see your User info along with the time remaining and the bid history for this listing.

You may select “Buy It Now” for the price shown or you may submit your bid in one of two ways—single bids or automatic bid maximums. Please remember that the eLonghornSales system will not accept a starting bid of less than $500.

You may enter a bid amount—please note the minimum bid increase in parentheses. If you fail to bid more than the high bid plus minimum bid increase, you will get a message telling you your bid failed. Enter a correct bid. If you enter your bid in this manner, you will have to re-enter a new bid each time you are out-bid.

You may also enter an automatic bid maximum and then select Auto bid. Your first bid will be the current high bid plus the minimum bid increase. If you are out-bid, the system will automatically raise your bid by the minimum bid increase unless it exceeds your maximum bid. This bidding will continue until your bid stands as the high bid at the close of the listing or until the bidding exceeds your maximum bid. If the bidding exceeds your maximum bid and time remains on the auction, you may decide to bid higher. You may enter new single bids or a new automatic maximum bid. Use the “Refresh Bids” button found below the list of current bids in order to refresh your screen after bidding. If you wish to continue watching for new bids, you can stay on this page, but be sure to use the “Refresh Bids” button frequently in the event new bids are placed.

You can also monitor the animals you are bidding on by going to “My Account” on the side menu. This takes you to your own personal Users home page.

Just as in any "live" auction, it is possible that a seller may have placed a reserve price on his/her consignment. Basically, a reserve means that a seller is reserving the right to not sell an animal below a certain price. If you are the high bidder, but your bid did not meet or exceed the reserve, you will receive an email notification. If you wish, we can assist you in contacting the seller to see if you can agree on a price to consummate the sale.

Completing a Purchase  back to top

If you are the winning bidder of an animal, you will receive an email with your purchase price and contact info of the consignor. Please contact the seller promptly to complete your purchase and arrange for possession of your animal.

Unless stated in the comments section, the buyer is required to provide for transportation of the animal to its new home.


What If My Animal Does Not Sell?  back to top

If your auction expires without receiving a bid or without reaching your reserve, you will receive an email. This email will tell you why your animal did not sell as well as give suggestions for improving your auction listing. You will then have the option to re-list this animal within 15 days at no additional cost.

An individual animal can be re-listed at no cost one time. If you are unsuccessful on your second listing, you will be required to pay to list the same animal again.

Animals cannot be re-listed at no charge if they have changed ownership.

  • Login to
  • Select the listing that did not sell
  • Click the “Relist” button
  • Edit your comments
  • Attach new photos
  • Enter type of auction
  • Enter new reserve or “Buy It Now” price
  • Enter new start date
  • Click “Submit”
  • Review your listing, then click “Submit”

Getting the Best Results from your Listings  back to top


What should you do to get a good photo?

  • Make sure to take a nice, close-up pose of your Longhorn. Don’t shoot down at your animal. Get down to their eye level.
  • Keep background clutter to a minimum. While photographing your Longhorn, position it on the horizon where its horns appear to be in front of the sky, without trees and unnecessary clutter taking up to much of the photo.
  • The most recent photo of your Longhorn is best. You want to have a true representation of what you are selling.
  • Your digital photo should be visually clear. Low resolution will make the photo fuzzy or pixilated.


What should you write about your Longhorn in the “Description & Breeding” field?

  • Give a brief description of the Longhorn. Be clear on the breeding of the Longhorn, note if there’s a calf at side, which bull(s) it has been exposed to, indicate any great offspring, and other things of this nature. Think about what you might want to know about a Longhorn you are looking to buy, and make sure that you indicate those features & selling points in this Description & Breeding field.
  • Consider making some type of delivery consideration. If you make it easier for someone to acquire your Longhorn, it will be more likely to sell.

Advertise/Stand out Above the Rest

How do I make my Longhorn consignment listing stand out?

  • Consign regularly. The more you’re out there, the more you’re noticed.
  • Tie in your consignment with some advertising. There are a lot of options with the Journal and websites.
  • Promote guarantees (examples: tested Johnnes negative, OCV’d, shots up to date, guaranteed bred to…, etc.)
  • Add some assurance or value in horn growth measurements, calving records, etc.
  • All of the above will help a buyer make a decision much better than a general statement like, “She’ll look good in your pasture!”
  • Remember that you are representing your program, so put your best foot forward. You want to be known for producing great Longhorn cattle.


Be realistic in your expectations. Ultimately, anything is only worth what someone is willing to pay. In other words, “value is what the market will bear.” Your goal is to help add value in the minds of the potential customers.